Blood Command

Funeral Beach out worldwide October 29.

Day 11-15 

Since last post we`ve been visiting Utrecht- Holland, Hamburg- Germany, Berlin- Germany, Wien- Austria and today we played München- Germany @Backstage.


Aurelien from Uneven Structure, showing of his dreads

Silje, acting crazy in the merch stand

We had a day of in Berlin, and our bus driver Andrew joined us for a couple of drinks in our lounge.

Follow the light, Simon

Missing the westcoast, Bergen

Silje, doing Otto`s make up


Sofia, Yngves visiting girlfriend and bonafide roadie!

The Hawk!

Protest the Hero finally realized they had to throw a party!

Rody, Protest the Hero

Arif, Protest the Hero

This is Henry. Henry is PTH`s former merchboy and loves the norwegian language

Todays brekfast in München!

Todays audience in München, awesome!!

Otto played until his fingers bled

Otto promoting Leadslegde with Rody.

Day 9-10


We played 02ABC2 in Glasgow. The night started off with a lack of audience during Uneven Structure`s show, but during Blood Commands show the place was packed! Had a great time!


After a rough boat trip back to England we finally got to London and played 02 Academy Islington. The place was packed, must have been at least 500 attending. After the show we met a couple of guys from Music Export Norway, said goodbye to Line, and went out for a beer before buss call.

The 02 ABC in Glasgow

The merch stand

Sigurd playing in the street of Glasgow

Otto, getting ready before the show

Silje, a bit tired after the show in Glasgow

Line and Otto fighting (really it was Line kicking Otto`s ass)

Still fighting

Otto getting ready for load out


The Hawk, still very stoked about his new tattoo

Line and Silje backstage in London


Sigurd backstage in London.

Sigurd, Otto, Yngve and Simon got a tour tattoo in Dublin at the “Reinkarnated”. 

Day 7-8:


We played at Whelans in Dublin and had a really great time. Thanks for everyone who came out and to all of you who had traveled a long way to see our show. It means alot to us! Thanks to the Reinkarnated Tattoo Shop guys who came out to the show we had a blast with you. 


Played in Manchester at the Academy (all musichalls in the UK are called “Academy-something” it seems) It was awesome to meet and greet our fans there. We love you! LMFAO played the same house so Otto and Andersen went to see their show after ours. Awesome crazy stuff! 

Today we are in Glasgow, Scotland and have met up with our buddies in Enslaved who also plays here tonight. We´re on different stages at the same time so it´s going to be a battle. haha.. 

Dublins famous spire

Line (merch/manager) drying her hair under the electric hand dryer in a lack of a towel

Otto with a solid bumb in his forhead after Simon hit him in the head with his base during our show in Birmingham. The price you pay for rocking!


Arif (Protest The Hero)

Rody Walker (Protest The Hero) and Otto

Silje sneaking around backstage in Dublin

Backstage in Dublin

Drinking Guinness in Ireland. We just had to.

Blood Command live at Whelans in Dubin! Thanks to all of you BC fans who came out for this one!

Viva La France! Uneven Structure

Toasting to Aurelien (the guy with the hoodie on plays in the first supportband called Uneven Structure) who had a birthday at the Dublin show

MASSIVE giant crab at the museum. This one could have eaten you alive! The legs are 2 meters each!

Andersen petting a Pythonsnake in Manchester. Freaked out as hell, since their close relative and lookalike; The Eel is his greatest fear in the animal kingdom

Monkey/human sculls at the museum in Manchester

Blood Command at a museum in Manchester under a T-rex skeleton

Our crowd in Birmingham, England! Awesome!

The Hawk getting the tourtattoo and his first tattoo ever!

Otto getting the tourtattoo

Andersen getting the tour tattoo (supermario mushroom) on his left thie. The tattooer is the same that did the dice on Brittany Spears wrist. hahaha!

Simon getting his fingers done at Reinkarnated tattoo shop. He did “Agape” on his five fingers. It means love in ancient greek or something. Ask him

LMFAO in concert in Manchester. Sick crowd and a production that must have costed twice what your father earns in a year.

LMFAO in concert. Andersen and Otto went to the show. Since they played the same house as Blood Command did

Otto with the guys from LMFAO, our busses stood parked at the same spots, so we met them after the show.

Day 4-6:


Our show at the O2 Academy in Birmingham turned out to be awesome!!! Thanks to everyone who came out to the show and gave us shout outs during and after the concert. We met up with Simons sister; Mariann and her friends before the show. Great gang! Had a quick look-around in the city. Beautifull! Our manager; Line Kleppe came on the tour in birmingham and gonna travel with us all UK dates


Playing sunday-shows isn´t something that we´re too used to with this lineup. So playing Sheffields; “Corporation” with a hung over band in front of a hung over audience isnt the most energic thing we´ve done, but good alltogether. Got the best Chilli Con carne cooked by ex-Tromsø/now english promoter. Thanks a lot!


We took the boat from England to Dublin, Ireland and had a day off. Line and Silje went shopping and the boys got tour tattoos at the “Reinkarnated” tattoo shop in Dublin. Great shop and artists and shout outs to Dublins own; “20 bullets Each” who´s bassplayer own this shop! (Sigurd took his first tattoo ever!). A lame supermario mushroom (!?) Which is the logo for the Access All Areas card for this tour.

Tonight we play Whelans in Dublin! See you there.


co-manager and merchgirl Line Kleppe

Protest The Hero in action in Sheffield

Sushi in Dublin

Ready for sightseeing in Dublin


Guinnes round!

Blood Command recommends; Love


Day 1-3:

BC got up at the Flesland Airport in Bergen 4:30 in the morning (!) to catch our flight to Frankfurt (wich had their workers on strike) We had a little bit of hell trying to get our stuff sendt on the plane, but it was sorted out in the end (at last) We caught up with our tourbus and the Protest The Hero crew at the Frankfurt airport. Pure luxury this one and PTH are good fellas. NoFX had the bus right before us, so Fat Mike left us a whole bottle of Bombay Gin as a present. Thanks Mike! We drove to Stuttgart, Germany to play the first show. Good crowd, but we only did a OK show. Simon had some troubles with the bassamp, wich we fixed the next day. 

Thursday we played Antwerpen Belgium wich was awesome! Met up with some good guys traveling all the way from Spain to catch the show. Tried some Belgian famous waffles. (Wich wasn´t really our thing. Cool it with the sugar Belgium!) But loved the place and the crowd and can´t wait to come back!

Friday we played in Cardiff, Wales inside some kind of mall. We could only play 6 songs this show because we where cut of by some misunderstanding in the time schedual. We got to meet some new friends and had a great time!

Tonight we play Birmingham, UK at the O2 Academy 2. Show starts at 7:00 PM! See you there.

Airdrumming backstage

Antwerpen, Belgium

The Trix venue in Belgium. Great place! Awesome stage!

Our merchboard for this tour.

The superbus/our home leaded by captain Andrew

Our very own lounge in the bus with video, X-box and a stereo. This is Blood Command private room (PTH just don´t know it yet)

The present from Fat Mike. Thank you Mike!


Simon and Otto in the lounge downstairs in our bus

This is these two guys first real tour ever and Sjalg Otto have never been outside Loddefjord, Bergen before. Let´s put it this way; They´ve seen way too many tour dvds…

The Trtix venue in Antwerpen, Belgium


The Hawk; The happy camper

Meeting up with our buddy Luke Lancaster in Cardiff

The Tour Journal

We are going on ”The Scurrilous Tour 2012” with Protest The Hero, Long Distance Calling and Uneven Structure tomorrow. This our tour journal, stay tuned.